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Arranging a property viewing

To book a viewing, please e-mail Ronnie and Kathryn at, and provide the the following information about your group(s):

Group details

  • Names
  • Ages
  • Courses
  • Current Academic Year
  • Contact Phone Numbers
  • Where you heard about us

Ring us

You may call the numbers below to get further information, but we typically require you to email us to book a viewing.

  • Mobiles: 07999559909 or 07941969110
  • Landline: 01227 763308

After ringing please email details of your group and which house you would like to view.

Please note

To minimize disruption to our current students, we do not give second viewings for the benefit of those who do not attend an original group viewing. If you view as a part group, you must be able to vouch for the decision of any missing group member.

Please make sure you have all read the 'Prices' page on the website before making a booking.

Summary of our student accommodation in Canterbury

Please see our Property Listings page for full property details.

We have for Kent University:

  • 1 seven-bedroom house
  • 11 six-bedroom houses
  • 1 five-bedroom house (for five individuals, but a potential for six with two sharing)
  • 1 flat (suitable for two couples sharing)
  • 1 house (suitable for individuals and/or a couple)

We have for Christ Church University:

  • 1 six-bedroom house
  • 1 three-bedroom house (potential for a couple sharing)