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Fair rents for our student accommodation

Although you will be on a joint tenancy (and therefore responsible for a single rental charge for the house) we do provide a guide price for each room. It never seems fair to us that the person in the largest room, which might even have its own shower, pays the same amount of rent as the person in the small room! You may of course disagree with us, it might not bother you, but we feel that by varying the prices per room, at least if you are in a smaller room you do pay less rent than those in the large rooms. You can of course vary the prices we suggest between yourselves if you wish - even deciding to pay equal amounts - but in our experience we find that almost all groups go along with our guide.

Our prices reflect the location and facilities each house has to offer. So as a general rule then, the closer to the university, the more expensive the house. Obviously, the nearer you are to campus the more you cut down on travelling time and expenses. For example, the travel pass on the uni bus is 7 a week, you would not need one in most of our houses.

Each property page has its own prices for the house and as many accommodation providers present their prices to you over 52 weeks or 12 months. We have presented ours in this format also in order to allow you to compare our prices with other accommodation. We actually give you approximately a 50% rent reduction during July and August and this has been calculated within the figures shown on each page.

Remember - when comparing our rents with other accommodation, YOU WILL STILL HAVE TO SET ASIDE MONEY TO PAY FOR BILLS! (Unless of course you intend to do without heating, electricity, water, connection to drains, TV licence, telephone for the internet, the internet itself!) Also make allowances for travelling costs which you may need to pay for and any other location considerations.

Our student houses Bills Package

Comprehensive in its scope

The cost of the bills package should not be seen as an extra cost you will have to pay we have put on over and above the rent, because you would still have to pay for bills where ever you live, but of course directly to the companies. Gas and electricity alone will typically take a very significant part out of your budget and our Bills Package covers much more than just Gas and Electricity. Once you sign up you should basically have no other bills to worry about. The cost of the bills package is 17 per student per week and covers all of the following:

What our bills package covers:

  • Gas
  • Electricity
  • Water supply
  • Sewage charges
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Telephone Line Rental
  • TV and TV Licence
  • Lawn Cutting

Why do we provide a bills package for our student properties?

The other way of sorting out the bills would obviously be through you paying the bills yourselves as a group. You don't have to be too bright to work out that there are bills for gas and electricity, but don't forget the water and other bills. There are separate charges for sewerage services. You want the internet? You will need to pay line rental for the telephone and don't forget the bills from your Internet Service Provider. (And you will need to sign up for a whole 12 months even though you will only want 10 months). Then there is the TV licence, again, a 12 month charge. Finally, don't forget the lawns; frequently it is the tenant's responsibility to deal with this, so who is going to cut the grass? Any volunteers? Especially during the exam period when not only you are busy, but so is the grass!

Bills drop through your letter box with frightening regularity and who is going to be brave enough to put their name forward to actually be on the bills? Someone has to and although you can have more than one name on the agreement for energy bills, you can't put everyone's name on it. Will you be the person companies will be chasing for unpaid debts the whole group has racked up? Will your credit ratings and job prospects suffer adversely? It also means you don't get threatening letters warning you about cutting you off if you don't pay. Nor do you get threats from debt collecting agents chasing you long after you have moved out just because one of your group did not see to all the bills in the last house you were in. This is why we provide a very comprehensive bills package where you have none of the above worries. Our bills package stops those awkward situations where perhaps one of your group can't pay their share of the bills because they have run out of money. Nor do you get perhaps one of your group arguing that they go home every weekend so therefore their share of the bills should be less! Settling the regular bills is one of the main causes of tension, friction and resentment within a group. Having a bills package allows you to plan your finances over the year with more confidence.

Administration fees

Our administration fees are 225 per student on most houses.


There is no deposit taken on most of our houses. (See each property page)

The admin fee (and deposit if taken) is payable on signing of the contract.